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Search engine marketing has taken the world by storm. Unlike other forms of advertising, search engine ads appear only when triggered by those likely to find them of interest. This role reversal, in which prospects find you rather than vice versa, results in unique marketing challenge—attracting the right people without attracting the wrong people. The solution lies in SMART planning and statistical analysis.

People use the term “search engine marketing” to describe two very different activities—search engine optimization and search engine advertising.

Search engine optimization refers to tweaking your Web site to improve its natural ranking in search engines. More an integral part of Web design (which is how we treat it) than a distinct practice, search engine optimization has one major attraction—no advertising fees—and many drawbacks, including a lack of control and a risk of running afoul of the ever-changing ranking rules of search engines.

Search engine advertising refers to paying a search engine to drive traffic to your site. Although it costs money, search engine advertising provides the kind of control to which marketing executives have become accustomed. For companies that must generate leads, sales, and referrals, search engine advertising has become an essential component of online marketing.

Search engine advertising appears deceptively simple, particularly because the ads consist of just a few words and no graphics. However, as any poet can tell you, the fewer words at your disposal, the more difficult the writing process. Further complicating matters, to ensure that your ads appear in the first place, you must carefully choose the keywords and phrases that act as triggers, and decide how much to bid on each one.

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Given the large number of keywords and ads in a typical search engine campaign, manually testing all the possibilities for the best combinations is not feasible. Instead, we’ve developed a method for optimizing search engine marketing campaigns that combines a proven goal setting doctrine known by the acronym “SMART” with a powerful statistical tool called “experimental design.” You have to see it to believe it.

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