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Regularly publishing an e-mail newsletter with editorial content for existing and prospective customers makes it much more likely that these people will respond to your sales pitches and refer others to your company, and much less likely that they will ask you to remove them from your marketing database. This phenomenon stems from “serial storytelling,” a powerful e-mail marketing methodology.

Conventional wisdom suggests that companies should use their permission e-mail marketing database sparingly to prevent “list fatigue” and attrition. This conventional wisdom assumes that the only e-mail messages companies send consist of predictable sales pitches.

When companies break out of this box, this conventional wisdom no longer applies. In fact, the opposite becomes true—the more e-mail you send, the better. Furthermore, companies that build an e-mail marketing database, but seldom use it run the risk of “permission erosion”—the existing and prospective customers who signed up may forget having done so.

Only by regularly publishing genuinely useful and interesting information—editorial content—along with promotional material can companies prevent list fatigue and permission erosion, not to mention attrition. The best vehicle for such a strategy is an e-mail newsletter.

Notwithstanding its benefits, an e-mail newsletter is often difficult to implement because most companies are not media companies, which means they don't have editors or journalists on staff. This lack of editorial resources creates a situation ripe for outsourcing.

You’re Busy. We Can Help.
We can help you design, write, and publish an e-mail newsletter that will pay dividends for years to come. Unlike other agencies, we have a secret weapon—“serial storytelling,” an e-mail marketing methodology of ours that amplifies the benefits of an e-mail newsletter. Our process begins with a free brainstorming session.

Contact us to discuss how an e-mail newsletter can benefit your company

A Note About Blogs
Everything in this section also applies to corporate Web logs (blogs for short), which can work in conjunction with an e-mail newsletter. A blog is an online journal that people can read with either a Web browser or an e-mail-like program called a “news aggregator.”
You're Busy. We Can Help.
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