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A landing page designed from ground up for conversion transforms the click-throughs generated by your advertising campaign into leads, sales, and referrals. A landing page can also serve as a testing tool before embarking on an expensive site redesign. It could even make such a project unnecessary.

E-mail and search engine advertising generates “click-throughs”—visits to your Web site. Converting these click-throughs into leads, sales, and referrals requires an optimized landing page—a special Web page on which prospects land when they respond to an online ad. Without an optimized landing page, building and replenishing your marketing database will cost you more than it should.

Despite the critical role that landing pages play, not to mention their obvious financial benefits, many companies neglect to use them. Instead, they try to save money by using their home page as the landing page for an advertising campaign. Even worse, companies often try to maximize conversion rates by redesigning their entire Web site, an expensive proposition when compared to the relatively nominal cost of creating landing pages as needed.

You're Busy. We Can Help.
As the name of our agency suggests, we excel at creating optimized landing pages. We also design entire Web sites and micro-sites for those clients who need to do so. Unlike other agencies and freelancers, we incorporate a prominent and persuasive call to action into every Web page we design. Anything less runs the risk of failure because visitors to your Web site are always one click away from leaving.

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You're Busy. We Can Help.
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